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Farm Wife Quilting Life

It’s July..,June seemed like a long month with some at home remote learning for our grade school boys, helping my husband with spraying fields and many days driving around checking crops (which is basically a date in the farming lifestyle 😂). It has been very disappointing watching our crops suffer from lack of rain. We seem to be in a strip of severe drought and with no snowfall this past winter the ground is drier than ever. That topped off by high winds and hot dry temperatures have made many of our crops look thin, dry and burnt. 🙁 Not much we can do about the weather so we will keep smiling and hope for the best.

Back in my new quilting studio I seem to still find time to quilt. Let’s face it, I am totally addicted to quilting and no matter what the weather is outside, I always love being at my sewing machine. 🥰

Here’s a few customer quilts I have quilted in June.

Wildwood Sampler by Robinson Pattern Company Preorder available at

Pieced by me (Andrea Fehr - Quilting Farm Girl)

Custom Quilting

Pieced by customer from Morden

Pantograph used: Modernish#1 by Barbara Becker

Canadian Flag Quilt made and designed by me. PDF pattern available $5.00 (contact me for purchase)

Pantograph used: Soho by Sarah Ann Myers

I’ve already quilted a couple more in July and can’t wait to share more pictures with you soon.

Andrea Fehr - Quilting Farm Girl

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