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Longarm Quilting

It takes time to piece a quilt and I know how satisfying it is to finally have a project complete.  As a quilter myself, I understand how daunting it can be to sandwich a quilt and spread out all the layers straight and quilt it without any folds or puckering.  Let me take some of the stress out of finishing your projects by longarm quilting it for you.  I promise that I will treat every project with care as if it were my own quilt. 

I stock a Warm & Natural and/OR Warm & White 87.5% Cotton quality batting to make it easy for you to just bring me your finished quilt tops and backing and purchase the batting from me.

See the "Book a Quilt" form for more details. 

If you would like a printable "Book a Quilt" form. Please request one by email or phone.

A little insight into my equipment.

"Peggy" is the name of my hand-guided Innova Longarm Machine.  She was on my dream list for over 17 years before I found her.

We built a brand new addition onto our small farm house just so I had a place to put her. 

I love my creative space. 

Choose from Options......*minimum charge $60

Edge to Edge pantograph*............2.5 cents/sq inch

Edge to Edge is an allover design that you choose to cover across borders, blocks and appliques. Edge to edge designs can be a great way to showcase your pattern, adding design without distracting from the piecing.

(Many edge to edge designs to choose from, I am adding more constantly and can find designs at your request, contact me for more info) 


Custom Quilting*........................6 - 8 cents per sq inch

Custom quilting is any quilting other than edge to edge. From choosing to go around applique, block motifs, and quilting within borders can be just some of the many things I can do when custom quilting.  Price varies according to how detailed quilting you desire. You can either share your ideas or leave it to me to create something to accent your piecing or applique.


Attach Binding only.........................8 cents per inch

Finished Machine Binding...........13 cents per inch

Binding is prepared by you (2 1/2" OR 2 1/4" Strips joined diagonally and pressed in half lengthwise).  I can either attach it to the front of the quilt, ready for you to hand stitch. OR I can completely finish the quilt by machine with stitch in the ditch on the top of quilt and visible stitching on the back.


General Repair and fixing................$20 per hour

If by chance I have to repair or fix anything in order to prepare your project for quilting. I will contact you before any adjustments are made.


Other Charges................$10-30 labour fee

Additional charges may be added for extra time spent preparing your quilt for loading on my machine.  (Example: backing not wide enough, seam backing pieces, seam batting on large quilts, binding preparation, etc.)

"I stitch my passion for quilting into every quilt that gets loaded on my hand-guided Innova Longarm machine."


Let's Work


I am here to serve you and help you create something beautiful.  If there is something not listed in my services, please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.  

Andrea Fehr (204)362-2251

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