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Longarm Quilting Services

Fill out the form below. Be sure to fill out ALL required fields and then click SUBMIT once complete.

When complete you should receive a message that your Book a Quilt has been submitted.

Some things to think about before you start.

Note: If your quilt size is larger than 93" wide please contact me prior to filling out the Book a Quilt Form.


What size should my backing be?

I require the backing to be 4" extra than the quilt top on ALL SIDES.  This is to allow for loading your quilt

and room for side clamps top onto my machine.

Example: If your quilt top measures 60" x 80", your backing should be 68" x 88" (It can be bigger, but not smaller).


Please PRESS your top and backing and clip any loose threads the best you can for me so that it's tidy and ready for me to load.

The more ready your quilt is, the easier it is for me and the faster I can get working on stitching.


I want this to be fun for you and not overwhelming! You have the option of having me make the quilting decisions for you.

It all depends on your preference. Freely communicate any ideas of what you want your finished quilt to look like.

I am passionate about being able to give you results that you will love.

Current wait time for longarm quilting is approximately 6 weeks.

Please contact me if you are needing your quilt sooner and I will see what I can do.

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