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Choosing an Edge to Edge Pantograph

It can be hard to imagine just which edge to edge stitching design will be the perfect one for your quilt. There are hundreds to choose from out there. I would like to try and make choosing just a little bit easier for you.

I currently have a few dozen designs in my collection but that doesn’t mean I won’t find something different if what I have doesn’t suit your fancy. The only thing that I will tell you is that certain designs are a lot more difficult to stitch out on my Hand-Guided machine (as opposed to computer driven). There are hundreds available online from various websites.

So how do you choose. I look at the quilt design and also the fabrics. Quite often the fabrics will inspire a stitching pattern.

Even when you kind of know what you want (swirls, loops, curves, etc) you still need to visualize how the scale of the pantograph will look on your patchwork. To help out with this I’ve compiled a binder of the designs I currently have and made clear templates showing actual size. Note: I have resized certain pantographs larger/smaller so there are options.

Let’s say you have a few favourites and what to see what they might look like. You can choose “Let’s Decide Together “ on my BOOK A QUILT online form and once I have your quilt we can try them out. Here’s a quilt from a customer that likes me to choose the stitching pattern for her. I am looking at 3 options…which is your favourite?

Of course, thread color will determine whether the stitching is pronounced or blended with the fabrics (I find blended is most people’s preferred choice).

No matter what stitching design you choose (or you can leave it up to me), longarm quilting adds a beautiful texture to your quilt that can take your project to the next level.

I am in awe of every quilt top that I get to quilt on my machine “Peggy” and it is so satisfying when each one is finished and ready to give back to you to enjoy.

Here’s some of my favourite edge to edge choices:

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