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Down Memory Lane

Sewing memories into pillows and blankets is such a heartwarming task.

I started making a memory blanket for a friend who lost their boyfriend. Since then I have made dozens of pillows and several blankets either in memory of someone or just to remember a past job or event.

Making something from an item of clothing that is so precious to someone is not something I take lightly. I am proud and honored to create something for you to wrap around you, to hug and hold tight and I know that each piece will be treasured for years to come. Anything from T-shirts, sweatpants, button up shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts can be made into a pillow or blanket.

There are so many options that it can be overwhelming to choose. You can check out some of the options available on my website or let me help you figure out what is best. We can chat about who it's for, how many pieces you have that I can work with and what you want.

Details on pillows are sizes (depending on the clothing sizes) and to have an embroidered patch with a memorial poem. Details with blankets range from how the shirts are arranged, layers and thickness and quilting or no quilting.

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